Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dunedin Art & Craft Show

The Dunedin Art and Craft Show was few weeks ago. This is a great show that brings a lot of artist every year. I had the opportunity to participate once again this year as the artist of the Dunedin Antique Mall. My table was located in front of the store.
We were blessed with great weather and lot of wonderful people visiting us. I presented some new products to the public during this show and the response was great. I now have mugs, magnets bookmarks, pins and a new Holiday card. They are so beautiful that I love them all!
Thanks to all the people that visited me. Thanks for your support and words of kindness. Big thank you to the artist Wendy McCarthy that took home the painting "Find Your Wings and Soar". One of my favorites!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cast Away Your Fears

I'm participating in the Exhibition: "Cast Away" at Dunedin Fine Art Center. At the beginning, I did not know if my art could fit, but the opportunity was really good so I had to try. I searched the internet for inspiration and after many thoughts the idea of "Cast Away your Fears" came up!!!!! This girl is putting all her fears in a bottle and she is going to toss them into the sea. Those fears that are holding her back from living life to fullest. I worked few days on the piece and when I went to turn it in the lady told me that know it's going to be a juried exhibition. Imagine my FEARS, all that work for nothing? They accepted my art! I was so happy, proud and relieve. The opening reception was great, good food, good music and wonderful company. The best part was to see my painting on the wall of the DFAC. Back home, my family surprised me with flowers and ballon. They are the best!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Awesome Nature

This week, I went to a school field trip with my little son Emilio. We visited Moccasin Lake Nature Park, a small park very close to our school and home. Honestly, I wasn't expecting something spectacular. But I was so wrong!!!! The nature is awesome and is always there waiting for us to just stop our busy lives for a little bit and enjoy it. And that's what we did!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crystal Beach Show

Back in November 2011, I had the opportunity to participate in a Park Show for the very first time. The show was at Crystal Beach, FL and was a great experience. Well, few weeks ago I went back there for another show but this time was a little different. The day was beautiful (not freezing cold like last time), my view to the water was spectacular and we have a lot of visitors.
I also have more experience now with shows so I know what to bring with me for display and I can set up everything faster. I have learned what things sell better, which for me are small original art, cards, prints and necklaces, so I know what products I need more amounts.
The people that visit me had kind words for me and my art but one lady in particular touched my heart that day. She fell in love with the small painting "I am beautiful". She told me that after a rough time dealing with sickness, she needs to remind herself everyday that she is beautiful. Experiences like that one   remind me the amazing healing power that beautiful art (that comes from the heart and soul) has on people.
Another great thing was that a young lady invited me to a show at her church in Saint Petersburg. This is going to be next month and I will talk more about it soon.
To finish this great art show, my niece and her husband surprise me with their visit from Orlando. How nice was that?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Art from the Heart

 Few weeks ago, The Artist Guild Alliance had a show at a Downtown Dunedin park and I had the opportunity to be part of it. The day was beautiful, my allergy was under control and my daughter came with me so I couldn't ask for more. We displayed my art as usual, a table for small art, prints and necklaces, a door with some originals and a mannequin with the new art. We had a good traffic of people, lots of complements and I sold few things. But what really made my day was one lady in particular when she was looking to my art and said: "Very talented and beautiful, you can tell is from the heart!' And it's true, I really put my heart and soul on each and everyone of my paintings, and you feel so amazing and proud when someone recognize that. Feedback like that motivate me to keep painting and be a better artist every day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012



Two years go, when I started classes at Dunedin Fine Art Center, I heard about SUMMA and MAGNA for the very first time. This is an annual exhibition of creative work of the Students, Members and Faculty of the Center. At that time, I said to myself that one day I will participate on it. I even wrote it down on my list of goals for 2012. It's not really difficult to get in, you just register and pay a very low fee. But for me the hardest part is to believe enough in my art and to have the courage to exhibit it on such important Gallery.
Well that day has arrived!!!  My painting "Possibilities" is showing at the SUMMA & MAGNA 2012 until April 13, 2012. This is a mixed media piece where I used acrylic paint, ink, charcoal, collage and stamping.
The Open House was few weeks ago and I have to say that was pretty amazing to see my painting on the wall next to others very talented and creative artists. Very proud girl here!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Antique Store

One of my passions, beside painting is to decorate. I discovered this a little after we bought our house and I started to look for furniture and decor. My style is a mix of French Country, Romantic and Shabby Chic and you can see this not only on my house but on my paintings too. Following this passion I decided to rent a small space in the Antique Mall of Dunedin, FL. almost three years ago. I love to hunt for small pieces of furniture that maybe needs a little TLC and for pretty decor.
Just before the Holidays, I took some of my paintings to the store. I also have some prints, cards and necklaces. Pete, the owner, was so kind to decorate the window with one of them and the comments were great. Few weekends ago, he invited me to participate in the 15th Annual Downtown Dunedin Art Festival. This is a Howard Alan Event with artist from Florida and other areas.
I had a table in front of the store where I displayed small originals, prints, cards, etc. The other originals where hanging on doors. The whole experience was incredible. Lot of people visited me during the weekend and their comments were so encouraging and positive it made me smile. The sales were pretty good and I also was interviewed by Sarah Dees who wrote an article about the show on an important blog. Great honor for me! I can't way for the next one.                                                                                                                                      

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Word for 2012: Blessed

My online creative friends (Fly Tribe) are doing a "One Little Word" blog hop. The idea is to select a word that guide you throughout the year. My word for 2012 is Blessed. Yes, because I'm very blessed and I really want to remember it during the whole year.
I am blessed because:
- I am loved and I love
- I am healthy
- I have a wonderful husband
- I have three amazing children
- I have the best parents, sister, brother, nieces, nephews, aunt, cousins and more
- I have friends and fly friends that care a lot
- I can express myself and my creativity in my art
- I have a house that I can call home with a cute tiny dog included
- I can keep counting and counting my blessings

My purpose during the year is to remember how blessed I am and be grateful for that. I want to remember it in my happiness and in my sadness. What about you? Do you have a word for 2012?

Please, visit http://www.flytribe.blogspot.com so you can learn and be inspired with an amazing group of creative souls. Have fun!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'm back from my Holiday vacations. It was a great trip around Florida with my wonderful family and we received the New Year with my sister and her family. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday and I wish you a blessed 2012 full of love, peace, health and happiness.