Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Antique Store

One of my passions, beside painting is to decorate. I discovered this a little after we bought our house and I started to look for furniture and decor. My style is a mix of French Country, Romantic and Shabby Chic and you can see this not only on my house but on my paintings too. Following this passion I decided to rent a small space in the Antique Mall of Dunedin, FL. almost three years ago. I love to hunt for small pieces of furniture that maybe needs a little TLC and for pretty decor.
Just before the Holidays, I took some of my paintings to the store. I also have some prints, cards and necklaces. Pete, the owner, was so kind to decorate the window with one of them and the comments were great. Few weekends ago, he invited me to participate in the 15th Annual Downtown Dunedin Art Festival. This is a Howard Alan Event with artist from Florida and other areas.
I had a table in front of the store where I displayed small originals, prints, cards, etc. The other originals where hanging on doors. The whole experience was incredible. Lot of people visited me during the weekend and their comments were so encouraging and positive it made me smile. The sales were pretty good and I also was interviewed by Sarah Dees who wrote an article about the show on an important blog. Great honor for me! I can't way for the next one.                                                                                                                                      

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