Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great Experience

My first Art Show was a great experience. My husband conference ends up early so we got there just on time. I had the opportunity to show my family the studio- gallery and my paintings on the wall ( with prices on them). They met my teacher and friends and enjoyed the snack too. A lot of people showed up to the show but even I did not make a sale the experience by itself meant a lot to me. I really felt great just being there sharing with other artists. I felt that I belong to that world and I learned too. And you know what? My teacher invited me to another show!!!! Art in the Park in Crystal Beach, Fl  this is tomorrow Sunday from 10 to 4pm. Well, it was today but because of the rain it's going to be tomorrow.
This show is different because I'm going to have my own space. As you imagine, I worked a lot this past two weeks. I had to make prints of the paintings, more business cards, a big sign and more art. I also tried to make greeting cards but had some problems so no cards for now. At the park they don't allow tents just umbrellas, tables, etc. My plan is to create a romantic ambience in my booth and I'm taking with me a table, couple of doors, a mannequin, a chair and a beautiful tablecloths that my mother in law made for the big table.
Everything is ready in my SUV for tomorrow. I'm really excited and my daughter too ( my helper)!!!!! I"ll be back with all the details.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Art Show

I'm so exited because my art teacher Carole invited me to participate in her Autumn Show tomorrow. This is my first opportunity to show and sell my art (for real!). She asked me for a little fee and few of my paintings and she will keep them in her studio for a month after the show(good deal no?). The show is from 12 to 3 and of course I have something else this weekend (my husband's conferences). So I don't know yet how we are going to make it work but we will. I couldn't say no to this opportunity right?. As you can imagine, I was very busy this week and my lovely husband helped me a lot. He took pictures of all the paintings so I can save the images. I ordered my business cards with my art on them (so exited!). They are beautiful! I also, finished a new painting (bigger) just for the show. I know, because my life is not busy enough, but I had to do it.
Yesterday, I took the paintings to the studio and my teacher helped me to put wires on the back of them and we priced them too. It was great to share all the excitement previous to the show with her and the other artists. Tomorrow it's going to be a great day! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Art Classes

I'm back in the classroom of the Dunedin Art Center, Fl. Every Monday I have the opportunity to send time with a wonderful teacher, Carole Rosefelt and a great group of ladies of different ages. This is an acrylic class of various levels and it's my second year so I work independently and she give me her kind opinion and advise which I love. The class for me it's a great time to create (3 hours) without thinking on anything else and with no interruptions, I just enjoy. Also, I'm able to learn from the other artists and their point of view. I really enjoy watching how other people paint and the  the techniques that they use. It's like going to therapy for me! So I love Mondays!!!! What about you? Are you taking any class? Do you want to learn something new?