Monday, May 21, 2012

Cast Away Your Fears

I'm participating in the Exhibition: "Cast Away" at Dunedin Fine Art Center. At the beginning, I did not know if my art could fit, but the opportunity was really good so I had to try. I searched the internet for inspiration and after many thoughts the idea of "Cast Away your Fears" came up!!!!! This girl is putting all her fears in a bottle and she is going to toss them into the sea. Those fears that are holding her back from living life to fullest. I worked few days on the piece and when I went to turn it in the lady told me that know it's going to be a juried exhibition. Imagine my FEARS, all that work for nothing? They accepted my art! I was so happy, proud and relieve. The opening reception was great, good food, good music and wonderful company. The best part was to see my painting on the wall of the DFAC. Back home, my family surprised me with flowers and ballon. They are the best!

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