Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Art Classes

I'm back in the classroom of the Dunedin Art Center, Fl. Every Monday I have the opportunity to send time with a wonderful teacher, Carole Rosefelt and a great group of ladies of different ages. This is an acrylic class of various levels and it's my second year so I work independently and she give me her kind opinion and advise which I love. The class for me it's a great time to create (3 hours) without thinking on anything else and with no interruptions, I just enjoy. Also, I'm able to learn from the other artists and their point of view. I really enjoy watching how other people paint and the  the techniques that they use. It's like going to therapy for me! So I love Mondays!!!! What about you? Are you taking any class? Do you want to learn something new?


  1. I really wanted to take a drawing class last spring but it was cancelled for lack of participants. Now I don't think I have a free hour to take a class! I did sign up for on on-line class that is at my own pace, I'll be looking at that at 3 in the morning! I look at the Kelly Rae Roberts PDF everyday!

    "I love Mondays"-powerful words!

  2. Deirdre,

    This is a great opportunity for you. I would love to take a class or something but I have to wait until I get some free time. The summers are usually the best for me. keep having fun!