Monday, September 19, 2011

Romantic Girls

 Today, I want to show you my paintings. When I decided to paint girls and angels, I knew that I wanted to find my own style, to paint girls that reflect who I am. I also wanted to send a positive message with them. So I looked for inspiration in other artists that I admire, like Kelly Rae Roberts and Andrea Seiler. And I drew, drew and drew more. I tried different eyes, noses, mouths and faces until a girl suddenly appeared on my paper and I knew that was it. What  a special moment that was! From that day, I have been painting them more and more. They are the protagonists of my paintings. I like to call them "Romantic Girls" because that is what they look to me. What do you think?  




  1. They are adorable and I can see why you refer to them as "Romantic Girls". Lovely!

  2. Congratulations dear Deirdre on your Blog! I'm truly happy and excited for you! Your art shows the beauty and how delicate is your persona. Wishing you the most amazing success!

  3. Thank you girls for the kind message.